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Ethics Standards

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Have you ever been convicted of, or are you now under indictment for, a felony crime?
Have you ever been sanctioned by a leasing trade organization for conduct or business practices? .
Are you now the subject of any action before the Ethics or Standards Committee of any leasing trade organization?
Have you ever had a license to do business revoked, for cause, by a government entity, including licenses for real estate, insurance, securities, mortgage brokerage or the like?
Are you now the subject of any investigation by a governmental agency that could result in the revocation of a license to do business?


“By applying for certification and recertification I agree that, if certification or recertification is granted, I will adhere strictly to the Standards of Professional Conduct of the CLFP Foundation (the “Standards”). I am aware that certification or recertification may be revoked due to, among other things, a finding by the Foundation that I have failed to adhere to the Standards. I agree to participate in any peer review or examination conducted by the Board of Directors or designated representatives of the Foundation and to be bound by the results of any such review or examination. If my certification or recertification is revoked or other disciplinary action is taken upon finding that I have violated the Standards, I agree I shall have no right or cause of action to pursue any claim against the Foundation or any member of its Board of Directors, Advisory Council, its officers, Executive Director or other representatives and I hereby waive and release any claim that I may have, at law or in equity, arising out of any such revocation or other disciplinary action.”

Additional Questions

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