Your studies should begin by purchasing The Certified Lease & Finance Professionals’ Handbook.

Below you will be able to find everything necessary to become and stay successful in the equipment finance profession.

Beginning the CLFP Journey

To begin the pursuit of the CLFP designation, review the CLFP Best Practices to start.

Review the Body of Knowledge

For those taking the Exam, the questions will be based on concepts and knowledge basic to effective equipment leasing. Download the Body of Knowledge to learn more.

Download CLFP Exam Outline

The CLFP Exam is an test that is broken into four sections with a maximum time allotment of 8 hours.  Download the CLFP Exam outline to learn more about the Exam components and their corresponding points.

Build a Study Plan

Every CLFP Journey is different, but we encourage building a study plan that works for you. We recommend setting an Exam date and working backward from there. Check out our CLFP Exam Study Guide for a recommended study plan. 

Pricing Helpful Tips & Tricks

If you plan on using Tvalue for the Exam, click Tvalue Guide & Helpful Hints to get started.

If you plan on using the HP Calculator for the Exam, review the Calculator Instructions & Helpful Hints here.

Financial Statement Review Sample Problems

A new addition to the Toolbox, these sample problems were previously included in the Handbook, but are now available for everyone to review.  Review them here.

Study Key Terms A to Z

Deepen your knowledge of industry terminology with our online glossary.

2023 Recertification Articles

Did you find the 2023 CLFP Recertification information useful? If so, please click here to download all of the articles.

Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals

The Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP) Foundation is pleased to present the Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals (ALFP). The ALFP is a course offered by the CLFP Foundation and is designed to fully prepare an individual to sit for the CLFP Exam assuming the attendee has read and thoroughly studied the The Certified Lease & Finance Professionals’ Handbook prior to attending.

Candidates may attend an ALFP in a 2- or 3-day format, participating in the course either in-person, or a virtual classroom, or have the option to participate in an online, self-paced class within a 6-month timeframe.

For a list of scheduled virtual and in-person ALFPs and to register, please click here
To register and pay for the self-paced online ALFP, please click here

Anonymity Program

The Foundation offers a very unique program called the Anonymity Program. It is designed for those who would like to study for and take the exam anonymously, with a public announcement being made only when certification is earned (if so desired).

To take part in this program, please contact our CEO, Reid Raykovich via


CLFP Mentor Program

The Mentor Program was created to assist candidates in preparing to take the CLFP Exam. The Program is voluntary and is offered at no additional cost to the candidate.

A candidate will be assigned a Mentor upon request following formal application and receipt of fee for the CLFP Exam. Candidates are matched with a mentor who is knowledgeable in areas of the Body of Knowledge of interest to the candidate. Or, the candidate may request a specific individual.

All Mentors hold the CLFP designation and will answer questions about the conduct of the exam, assist the candidate in understanding and interpreting areas of the Body of Knowledge, and generally provide intellectual, experiential and moral support.

Mentors are not instructors or tutors. The candidate is expected to learn the required material on his or her own by studying written materials, by taking available industry courses, and through industry work experience. Mentors will provide clarification and interpretation for subjects the candidate has already studied. For instance, the Mentor will clarify Present Value Theory, but will not teach the Theory.

Become A Mentor

The CLFP Foundation is looking for Mentors. The number of applicants for certification is growing each day and has focused attention on the need for CLFP Mentors.

All Mentors must hold the CLFP designation In Good Standing and will answer questions about the conduct of the Exam, assist the candidate in understanding and interpreting areas of the Body of Knowledge and provide intellectual, experiential and moral support. By becoming a Mentor you will help the CLFP Candidate succeed and brighten the future of your industry. Rest assured, when you serve as a mentor you enrich yourself as much as you do the CLFP candidate. Mentoring is not only a great way to get a tune-up and make ongoing contributions to the industry (and qualifies toward recertification), but mentoring leads to new experiences, new connections, new insights and new satisfactions.

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