CLFP Contributors

The Certified Lease & Finance Professional Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and we are grateful to those companies and individuals who have graciously donated not only their time, but money as well. Contributors for the current year are listed below.

Please contact our CEO, Reid Raykovich, CLFP : to discuss your generous donation.

2023 Corporate Partners

2023 Individual Partners

Benefactor $250

Kip Amstutz, CLFP
Robert L. Boyer, CLFP
Donnie L. G. Bunn, CLFP
Michael Cohen, CLFP
Craig Colling, CLFP
Christopher Enbom, CLFP
Brian Eschmann, CLFP
Paul Fogle, CLFP
Lisa Genereux, CLFP
Nathan Gibbons, CLFP
Benjamin J. Hall, CLFP
Stephanie Hall, CLFP
Jaimie Haver, CLFP
Adrian Hebig, CLFP
Theresa Kabot, CLFP
Jaime Kaneshina, CLFP
Vincent W. Knowlton, CLFP
Joseph Leonard, CLFP
Shari Lipski, CLFP
Thomas Lyle, CLFP
Toby McDonough, CLFP
Michael A. Mount, CLFP
Daniel D. Nelson, CLFP
Katherine Nordendahl, CLFP
David Normandin, CLFP
John Q. Pfister, CLFP
Kevin Prykull, CLFP
Reid Raykovich, CLFP
Candace J. Reinhart, CLFP
Robert J. Rinaldi, CLFP
David Schaefer, CLFP
Amy Spragg, CLFP
David J. Verkinderen, CLFP
Donald Wampler, III, CLFP
Bruce Winter, CLFP

Sponsor $100 – $249

Blake Anderson, CLFP
Patricia Boehl, CLFP
John Bradford, CLFP
Eric Bunnell, CLFP
Todd Chase, CLFP
Donna Christensen, CLFP
Quentin Cote, CLFP
Tracey Elfering, CLFP
Sean Evans, CLFP
Cindy Fleck, CLFP
Nick Fong, CLFP
John Freeman, CLFP
Joe Franco, CLFP
Steven Geller, CLFP
Nicholas Gibbens, CLFP
Keith Hachey, CLFP
Brent Hall, CLFP
Steven Hanneman, CLFP
Robert Harris, CLFP
Michael Helder, CLFP
Michelle Henkelman, CLFP
Paul Knowlton, CLFP
Raphael Lavin, CLFP
Daryn Lecy, CLFP
Michael Lefkowitz, CLFP
Chris Lerma, CLFP
Andrew Mallinger, CLFP
David Maslyk, CLFP
Mark McKissick, CLFP
Connor Means, CLFP
Katie O’Mara, CLFP
Adam Ohme, CLFP
Gregory Pabich, CLFP
Kayla Perlinger, CLFP
Shervin Rashti, CLFP
Rhonda Rester, CLFP
Deborah Reuben, CLFP
Lee Ritter, CLFP
Brenton Russell, CLFP
Pete Sawyer, CLFP
Andrea Schmid, CLFP
Tony Sedlacek, CLFP
Guy Selinka, CLFP
Alexander Shields, CLFP
Alan Sikora, CLFP
Brian Smith, CLFP
Robert Smith, CLFP
Anthony Stein, CLFP
Stephen Stuesser, CLFP
Natalie Tawil, CLFP
Jeffrey Teucke, CLFP
Spencer Thomas, CLFP
Ryan van de Boogaard, CLFP
Victor Villegas, CLFP
Melissa Vinson, CLFP
Annette Watkins Harris, CLFP
Scott Wheeler, CLFP
Lisa Whitehead, CLFP
Christine Williams, CLFP
Justin Wilmes, CLFP
Terrence Wood, CLFP

Supporter $50 – $99 

Randy Anderson, CLFP
Abigail Betz, CLFP
Kevin Canepa, CLFP
Dean Ceglia, CLFP
Mark Conrad, CLFP
Paul Crnkovic, CLFP
Jacob Cutler, CLFP
Lynn Deitrick, CLFP
Tina Eickhoff, CLFP
Amy Hall, CLFP
Cheryl Hanson, CLFP
John Harders, CLFP
Katharine Harris, CLFP
Lara Hernandez, CLFP
James Jankowski, CLFP
Jessica Kort, CLFP
Stephanie Langford, CLFP
Thomas Lockhart, CLFP
Michael McElroy, CLFP
Andrew Mellon, CLFP
Randy Montrose, CLFP
Evan Moreau, CLFP
Chris Nagle, CLFP
Carrie Radloff, CLFP
Rebecca Ricci, CLFP
Colin Rosenmeyer, CLFP
Cody Sanguinetti, CLFP
Joseph Sclafani, CLFP
Kristi Serrano, CLFP
Amy Sumerfelt, CLFP
Lauren Timlin, CLFP
Joshua Utke, CLFP
Carl Villella, CLFP

Contributor $25 – $49 

Assal Asgarinejad, CLFP
John Bender, CLFP
Daniel Callahan, CLFP
Jose Cortez, CLFP
David Cramer, CLFP
Michele DeBoer, CLFP
Lorenzo DeStefanis, CLFP
Michele Doherty, CLFP
Kirstin Elmer, CLFP
Ryan Flores, CLFP
Chris Forsyth, CLFP
Gary Hanson, CLFP
Lisa Hartley, CLFP
Scott Jankowski, CLFP
Joel Johnson, CLFP
Roderick Knoll, CLFP
Tim Miller, CLFP
Amy Moffitt, CLFP
Bradley Nicholson, CLFP
Tatum Noreen, CLFP
Randall Petersen, CLFP
Janet Phillips, CLFP
Emiley Purvis, CLFP
Wade Rignell, CLFP
Steven Schroeder, CLFP
Hailey Seltzer, CLFP
Brad Thresher, CLFP
Roberta Warner, CLFP
Morka Wolde, CLFP