ALFP Toolbox

Here you will find links to everything you will need for the Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals and for the online-proctored exam.

For any additional questions related to the ALFP, please email Mel: 

For any additional questions related to the exam, please email

What to Expect on Exam Day

Please read this in its entirety; it will also be provided with your login instructions prior to exam day.

Online Proctored Exam Instructions

This is a MUST READ regarding using the online proctoring solution (Proctorio). If necessary, please share with your IT department to mitigate any potential issues.

Online Proctored Exam FAQs

Check here for Frequently Asked Questions about the online proctored exam

TValue Information

Using TValue? Find some valuable information here and links to some training!

HP 17bII Calculator Formula

For anyone using the HP 17bII (or II+) calculator, you MUST have this equation entered prior to the ALFP!  If you’re running into any errors, check to see that you’re using the letter ‘I” instead of a number “1”

CLFP Exam Outline

Click here to view the CLFP Exam Outline.

Sample Pricing Problems

Do you want some more practice with pricing? Check out some of these Sample Pricing Problems!

Want to see what might be on the test?  The following links take you to problems that will definitely be on the test, but with different numbers, so get comfortable with them!

Accounting Practice Problem

Click here for an Accounting Practice Problem.

Pricing Practice Problem - Advanced

Click here for a Pricing Practice Problem.

Credit Practice Problem

Click here for a Credit Practice Problem.