At 5:00 Eastern, on Thursday, August 20th, almost 250 Certified Lease & Finance Professionals (CLFPs) and Associates across the globe gathered to celebrate their designation. Due to COVID-19, the event was changed from several local gatherings to one fifteen-minute Zoom “Cheers” call.  During this call, executive director Reid Raykovich, CLFP and Board President Kevin Prykull, CLFP facilitated the event and showcased the accomplishments of the Foundation; highlighted the pivot to online ALFPs and test-taking; and recognized the many contributions of the Foundation membership.

Deb Reuben, CLFP stated, “It was such a blast to see so many familiar faces after being apart for so long. What a great opportunity to reconnect and celebrate together. Congrats CLFP Foundation.”

Kevin Prykull, CLFP added, “CLFP Day recognized the superb contributions of the foundation and its members who serve our industry in a very professional way.  This is especially important during these difficult times.  A win-win event for all who attended!”

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the commercial equipment finance industry. There are currently 928 active Certified Lease & Finance Professionals and Associates throughout the United States, Canada, India, and Australia. For more information, visit