The Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP) Foundation is pleased to announce that ten individuals who recently sat through the 8-hour online proctored CLFP exam, have passed. They are:

• James Backoff, CLFP – Manager, Portfolio Administration, Stryker
• Katherine Butzow, CLFP – Senior Marketing Associate, Stryker
• Michael Clark, CLFP – Associate Manager, Financing Services, Stryker
• Mark Conrad, CLFP – Regional Finance Manager, Stryker
• Rachel Dhaenens, CLFP – Director, Marketing, Stryker
• Anne Long, CLFP – Compliance Legal Risk Manager, Transport Enterprise Leasing LLC
• Hunter Miller, CLFP – Senior Portfolio Administrator, Stryker
• Janet Phillips, CLFP – Credit Manager, LEAF Commercial Capital Inc.
• Hailey Seltzer, CLFP – Credit Underwriter, Transport Enterprise Leasing LLC
• Brandie Wawrzynski, CLFP

Seltzer attended the Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals (ALFP) hosted by Great American Insurance and stated, “I chose to pursue this designation because I have been working in the finance/leasing industry as an underwriter for a few years now but wanted to gain a better understanding of all aspects of the industry rather than just my own day-to-day business. Attending the ALFP gave me more insight and understanding into the industry, and I now feel more confident in my knowledge and abilities than I ever have. The CLFP designation is not something I had heard about until just this year, but I am excited to officially be a part of the CLFP Family!”

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the commercial equipment finance industry. There are Certified Lease & Finance Professionals and Associates located throughout the United States (including Puerto Rico), Africa, Australia, Canada, India, and Germany. For more information, visit