The Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP) Foundation is pleased to announce that the Foundation added 14 more CLFPs and associates. The following individuals successfully passed the 8-hour exam:

  1. Bryan Anderson, CLFP – Portfolio Manager, Northland Capital Financial Services, LLC
  2. Roger Beil, CLFP – Regional Account Manager, Arvest Equipment Finance
  3. Emily Blinzler, CLFP – Bank Sales Support Specialist, Arvest Equipment Finance
  4. Michael Davis, CLFP – Asset Manager, Arvest Equipment Finance
  5. Joshua Dickens, CLFP – EF Vendor Sales Support Specialist, Arvest Equipment Finance
  6. Bradley Edwards, CLFP – Equipment Finance Specialist, Arvest Equipment Finance
  7. Austen Hassebrock, CLFP – Team Lead, DLL
  8. Conner Lenahan, CLFP – Sales Representative, Quality Leasing Co., Inc.
  9. Patrick Lewis, CLFP Associate – Equipment Finance Specialist, Vice President, Arvest Equipment Finance
  10. Joseph Mirch, CLFP – Senior Vice President Manager – Credit Administration, Arvest Equipment Finance
  11. James Plummer, CLFP – Senior Sales Consultant, Quality Leasing Co., Inc.
  12. Lisa Stadler, CLFP – Senior Account Manager, Entegra Capital LLC
  13. Kara Szymanski, CLFP – Account Manager, DLL
  14. Kristen Thompson, CLFP – Sales Coordinator, The Huntington National Bank

Beil attended the first in-person Academy for Lease & Finance Professionals (ALFP) hosted by Arvest Bank and stated, “I wanted to earn the CLFP designation to set myself apart as an individual with integrity, ethics, and professionalism, who is viewed as an expert in the equipment leasing and finance industry. The CLFP designation, which is the pinnacle of our industry brings with it a higher level of creditability and commitment by mastering a comprehensive base of knowledge, combined with professional experience.

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the commercial equipment finance industry. There are Certified Lease & Finance Professionals and Associates located throughout the United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada, India, Africa, and Australia. For more information, visit