The Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP) Foundation is pleased to announce that 15 individuals who recently sat for the 8-hour online proctored CLFP exam, have passed. They are:

1. Richard Blair, CLFP – Vice President, CIT a division of First Citizens Bank
2. Alexis Chacchia, CLFP – Vice President of Operations, Premier Financial Services, LLC
3. Joseph Enevoldsen, CLFP – Director of Implementation Services, JDR Solutions, Inc.
4. Nicole Floge, CLFP – VP of Organization Development & Working Capital, Taycor Financial
5. Mary Griser, CLFP – Director of Business Development, Taycor Financial
6. Carrie Guire, CLFP – EF Sales Support Specialist, Arvest Equipment Finance
7. James Howard, CLFP – Vice President of Finance Operations, APPROVE
8. Janet Jonas, CLFP – Funding Manager, Alliance Funding Group
9. Angela LeMaire, CLFP – Documentation and Funding Supervisor, Ascentium Capital LLC
10. Kathy Massey, CLFP – Credit Analyst III, Ascentium Capital LLC
11. Kelley McArdle, CLFP – Strategic Account Manager, CIT a division of First Citizens Bank
12. Jesbaan Morales, CLFP – Credit Analyst II, Taycor Financial
13. Trupti Patel, CLFP – Program Manager, US Portfolio Management Transformation, DLL
14. Sydney Stone, CLFP Associate – Title Administrator, North Mill Equipment Finance
15. Brent Ver Ploeg, CLFP – Vendor Finance Program Manager, DLL

Ms. Chacchia attended the Beacon Funding in-person ALFP in November 2022 and stated, “I have found great satisfaction in my leasing career; however, I am very aware of the lack of complete understanding in the industry, even by long-time staff. The CLFP Foundation provides an avenue for a leasing employee to become a career leasing professional. 1st Financial Bank USA’s acquisition of Premier has afforded us the opportunity to set our personnel on this path with training and certification being the first steps to a promising and growing career.”

DLL hosted two online ALFPs last year and Patel, who attended the second one in December, added, “Being a strategic leader, I’m always striving to continually grow and learn. I chose to pursue the reputable CLFP certification to strengthen my knowledge and understanding of the broader concepts in the equipment leasing and finance industry. It helped me learn more about the different products and functions that I have not been closely involved with in my current or previous roles.”

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the commercial equipment finance industry. There are Certified Lease & Finance Professionals and Associates located throughout the United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada, India, Africa, and Australia. For more information, visit