The Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP) Foundation is pleased to announce that 26 individuals who recently sat through the 8-hour online proctored CLFP exam, have passed.  They are:

  1. Kevin Agness, CLFP – Country Sales Manager – Healthcare, DLL
  2. Lori Anderson, CLFP – Director of Finance, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  3. Katelyn Bartlett, CLFP – Senior Partner Services Specialist, DLL
  4. David Berg, CLFP – Director of Programs, DLL
  5. Anthony Bragoli, CLFP – Senior Legal Counsel, DLL
  6. Linzey Brunton, CLFP – Director, Sales Support, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  7. Anthony Chupalio, CLFP – Credit Underwriter, DLL
  8. Joel Clark, CLFP – Asset Sales Manager, DLL
  9. Daren Cox, CLFP – Strategic Credit Relationship Manager, John Deer Financial
  10. Tyler Culver, CLFP – Senior Business Unit Financial Analyst, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  11. Ryan Fliss, CLFP – Account Executive, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  12. Richard Fradin, CLFP – President, ARC Capital Solutions, LLC dba Lewis Capital
  13. Lisa Gaspar Thompson, CLFP – Vice President, Technology Planning & Governance, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  14. Daniel Gogel, CLFP – Account Executive, Business Development, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  15. Conrad Keezer, CLFP – Credit Analyst, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  16. Sean McCallum, CLFP – Financial Reporting Leader, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  17. Madalynn Mulligan, CLFP – Credit Underwriter, DLL
  18. Kurt Overman, CLFP – Credit Analyst Supervisor, Stearns Bank
  19. Luci Pauline, CLFP – Equipment Finance Operations Analyst II, The Huntington National Bank
  20. Catherine Philipp, CLFP – Business Support Trainer, DLL
  21. Susan Puscar, CLFP – Sales Support Analyst, DLL
  22. Kim Roseborough, CLFP – VP Sr. Operational Risk Manager, Financial Pacific Leasing, Inc.
  23. Kyle Soldwisch, CLFP – Team Leader, Credit Analyst II – SMG Construction & Industrial, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  24. Lakshmi Vemuri, CLFP – Lean Portfolio and Program Manager, DLL
  25. Elizabeth Verhoef, CLFP – Legal Analyst III, GreatAmerica Financial Services
  26. Mark Windeknecht, CLFP – Credit Analyst IV / Large Transactions Analyst, GreatAmerica Financial Services

Linzey Brunton, CLFP at GreatAmerica Financial Services earned her CLFP letters after attending an Academy held by her company earlier this fall. She shares her reasons for pursuing the designation, stating, “Continually striving to be a better version of ourselves today than we were yesterday is a core value that I believe in, both personally and professionally. This course created an opportunity for me to be challenged and models for others on our team the importance of spending intentional time on individual growth, knowing that the whole team is better for it.  This is a highly engaging, challenging, and comprehensive program that I not only found great value in as a professional in the industry, but recommend for anyone as a life-long learner!”

Dan Gogel, CLFP at GreatAmerica attended the same class this fall, and shares about his CLFP Journey: “As a sales professional, much of my job consists of short- and long-term program development for OEMs. To properly develop a program of this magnitude, I work closely with our internal credit, operations, portfolio, finance, and legal teams. Having a more a well-rounded understanding of equipment finance helps me understand better our internal controls that need to be considered. Having this knowledge on the front end will help me reduce everyone’s time (credit/ops/portfolio/finance/legal) in developing a program. This will lead to a shorter sales cycle, ramp our programs up faster, and give my prospects better solution development experience.”

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the commercial equipment finance industry. There are Certified Lease & Finance Professionals and Associates located throughout the United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada, India, Pakistan, Africa, and Australia. For more information, visit