The Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP) Foundation reached a new milestone, and its membership is now greater than 1,000.  The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that 57 individuals who recently sat through the 8-hour online CLFP exam, have passed, and Jay Christiansen of US Bank was the 1,000th member.  They are:

  1. Benjamin Alcorn, CLFP – National Program Manager, U.S. Bank
  2. Samantha Aldinger, CLFP Associate – AVP-Project Manager, First American Equipment Finance
  3. Trevor Anderson, CLFP – Relationship Manager, U.S. Bank
  4. Megha Banerjee, CLFP – Senior Business Analyst, Odessa
  5. Erick Banker, CLFP Associate – Sr. Credit Analyst, First American Equipment Finance
  6. Kelly Bauch, CLFP Associate – AVP, Relationship Manager, First American Equipment Finance
  7. Roxanne Bobo, CLFP – Internal Account Manager, Philips Medical Capital, LLC, DLL
  8. Joseph Borges, CLFP – Account Manager, North Mill Equipment Finance LLC
  9. Alex Bryson, CLFP – Implementation Team Lead, LTi Technology Solutions
  10. Joshua Budny, CLFP – Vice President, Manufacturing, First American Equipment Finance
  11. Greg Campbell, CLFP – Vice President, Business Development, First American Equipment Finance
  12. Dean Ceglia, CLFP – Managing Partner, DNC Consulting LLC
  13. Donna Christensen, CLFP – Financial Account Manager, CSC
  14. Jay Christiansen, CLFP – Financial Analyst, U.S. Bank
  15. Andrew Cvitanov Jr., CLFP – VP of Product Management, DLL
  16. Anthony Dahms, CLFP – Vice President, Data Management, U.S. Bank
  17. Kari Edgington, CLFP – Director of Contract Management, DLL
  18. Pierina Gonzalez Silvestre, CLFP Associate – Loss Mitigation Manager, North Mill Equipment Finance LLC
  19. Lisa Guelzow, CLFP – Senior Specialist, Key Equipment Finance
  20. Jennifer Hagman, CLFP – Regional Sales Manager, U.S. Bank
  21. Andrew Hartman, CLFP – Credit Analyst, U.S. Bank
  22. Maggie Holly, CLFP – Senior Vice President, Hanmi Bank
  23. Douglas Jackson, CLFP – Manager Documentation and Funding, North Mill Equipment Finance LLC
  24. Donald Kemp, CLFP – Sales Manager, Industrial, DLL
  25. Stacy Kiley, CLFP – Documentation Manager, OEVS, Officer, U.S. Bank
  26. Kevin Lacey, CLFP – Vice President Business Development, DLL
  27. Stephanie Leyba, CLFP – Documentation & Funding Manager, Anuva Capital
  28. Sung Lim, CLFP – Market Credit Administrator, U.S. Bank
  29. Michael Luftig, CLFP – Assistant Vice President, First American Equipment Finance
  30. Michele Majkowski, CLFP Associate – AVP – Project Manager, First American Equipment Finance
  31. Britta McSparen, CLFP – Program Manager, Food and Agriculture, DLL
  32. Andrew Mellon, CLFP – Relationship Support Manager, Hanmi Bank
  33. Diana Olivo, CLFP Associate – Credit Analyst, North Mill Equipment Finance LLC
  34. Danielle Ormberg, CLFP – Charge-off Manager, U.S. Bank
  35. Lorraine Perkins, CLFP – Financial Specialist, Philips Medical Capital, DLL
  36. Carey Pierangeli, CLFP – Sales Support Manager – Tech Solutions, DLL
  37. Erik Porter, CLFP – Assistant Vice President, Sales, U.S. Bank
  38. Heather Burns Pozniak, CLFP Associate – Senior Litigation & Bankruptcy Specialist, DLL
  39. Erik Riggleman, CLFP Associate – Senior Financial Analyst, First American Equipment Finance
  40. Robert Rinaldi, CLFP – President, Rinaldi Advisory Services
  41. Philip Rivera, CLFP – Assistant Vice President, First American Equipment Finance
  42. Arthur Royter, CLFP – District Sales Manager, DLL
  43. Michelle Ruskey, CLFP Associate – AVP, Project Manager, First American Equipment Finance
  44. Donald Seeley, CLFP – VP of Business Development, Beacon Funding Corp.
  45. Ashley Smith, CLFP – Business Development – Intermediary Relations, VFI Corporate Finance
  46. James Stanley, CLFP – Program Manager Golf, Turf, & Recreational Products, DLL
  47. Debbie Stibbe, CLFP – AVP-Loss Mitigation Manager, U.S. Bank
  48. Kit Yee Studholme, CLFP – Director of Sales – Consumer & Business Banking, U.S. Bank
  49. Michael Sulava, CLFP – Business Development Representative, KLC Financial, Inc.
  50. David Thommen, CLFP – Director, IT, Terex Financial Services, Inc.
  51. Sonia Thompson, CLFP – Large Ticket Credit Analyst, Vice President, U.S. Bank
  52. Benjamin Tucker IV, CLFP – Vice President, Technology Division, First American Equipment Finance
  53. Melissa Vinson, CLFP – Sales Support Specialist, U.S. Bank
  54. Jeffrey Wenrich, CLFP – Vice President, Community Banking, Capital Equipment Group, U.S. Bank
  55. Elizabeth Wiltberger – AVP-Project Manager, First American Equipment Finance
  56. Amy Wingate, CLFP – Chief Credit Risk Officer, Global Partner Organization, Cisco Systems, Inc.
  57. Joseph Zrinzo, CLFP – Vice President – Sales, Ascentium Capital LLC

“To be named the 1,000th member of this group of knowledgeable leasing professionals is an honor and one of the most memorable experiences I have had in my career,” said Jay Christiansen, Financial Analyst at U.S. Bank.  “I know firsthand the hard work and dedication required from each one of us with a CLFP designation, and it is just a special feeling to know I am part of that group. U.S. Bank prioritizes employee development, and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to pursue this designation.”

Reid Raykovich, CLFP, executive director of the Foundation, stated, “About seven years ago, our then Board President, David Normandin, put our 2020 membership goal at 1,000.  To me, that number seemed unfathomable because at the time, we were only at 201 CLFPs and Associates.  It may have taken an additional few months to get there due to COVID-19, but May 5, 2021 will forever be remembered as the day we gained a comma.  I am so grateful to all of the members who have gotten us here and especially grateful to our board and committee members past and present. Without them, we never could have achieved this.”

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the equipment finance industry. There are currently 1,004 active Certified Lease & Finance Professionals and Associates in the United States, Canada, India, Africa, and Australia. For more information, visit