The Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP) Foundation is pleased to announce that 37 individuals who sat for the CLFP exam following two private Academies for Lease & Finance Professionals hosted by Stearns Bank, N.A., have successfully passed. They are:

Mitchel Anderson, CLFP Associate – Assistant General Counsel

Ryan Anderson, CLFP – Vendor Relations Lead

Dawn Brouillet, CLFP – Sr. Production Manager

Angela Burg, CLFP – Lease Operations Supervisor

Nathan Cmelik, CLFP – Lead Credit Analyst

Amanda (Mandy) Eiynck, CLFP – Vendor Relations Supervisor

Josh Ellison, CLFP – Credit Analyst Supervisor

Sarah Engdahl, CLFP – Controller – Equipment Finance Division

Ann Erickson, CLFP – Chief Compliance & Audit Officer

Eric Felland, CLFP – Lead Credit Analyst

Joseph Frank, CLFP – AR Manager

Jordan Hopkins, CLFP Associate – Junior Attorney

Adam Horsch, CLFP – Credit Analyst

Theodore Jacobs, CLFP – Funding Team Lead

Craig Kern, CLFP – Vendor Relations Supervisor

Jordanne Kissner, CLFP Associate – Assistant General Counsel

Melissa (Missy) Koltes, CLFP – Broker Relations Supervisor

Tina Kurzhals, CLFP Associate – Assistant General Counsel

Paige Luethmers, CLFP Associate – Broker Relations Lead

Mindy Lund, CLFP – Sales Manager

Spring Nelson, CLFP – Senior Assistant General Counsel/AVP

Tatum Noreen, CLFP – Client Relations Lead

Nathan Pearson, CLFP – Data & ALM Officer

Lori Popp, CLFP – Post Close Imaging Manager

Jen Rakotz, CLFP – Client Relations Supervisor

Tracy Schneider, CLFP – Sales Assistant Lead – Broker

Erin Secord, CLFP – Credit Supervisor

Kelly Skalicky, CLFP – CEO & President

Laura Smith, CLFP – Data Project Manager

Jennifer Steichen, CLFP – Financial Analyst

Jennifer Stich, CLFP – Closing & Compliance Manager

Margaret (Maggie) Terres, CLFP – Sales Assistant Lead – Medical

Jacki Thielen, CLFP – Sales Assistant Supervisor

Meredith Ulrich, CLFP – Jr. Financial Analyst

Brian Vogel, CLFP – Post Close & Servicing Manager

Melissa (Missy) Vos, CLFP – Sales Assistant Supervisor

Stephanie Wentland, CLFP – Strategic Delivery Manager

Ms. Skalicky, CEO and President of Stearns Bank, N.A. stated, “The CLFP Handbook has been a valuable go-to resource for us because the CLFP program provides a thorough, in-depth examination of leasing and equipment finance and the unique historical and legal underpinnings, distinctive regulatory and compliance requirements, atypical origination methods and wide variations in sourcing and pricing structures, specialized funding, titling, and post-booking servicing processes unique to our industry. At Stearns Bank, N.A. we take tremendous pride in having the most knowledgeable, most experienced, and most highly trained professionals in the industry. True to our strong culture of teamwork and our collective commitment to learning and growing, over 40 of our incredibly dedicated, determined and inspiring Stearns Bank, N.A. professionals prepared together, studied together, and sat for the CLFP course and exam. I am so tremendously proud of our Stearns Bank, N.A. team, and I am personally honored and inspired to work side-by-side with each and every one of them!”

The CLFP designation identifies an individual as a knowledgeable professional to employers, clients, customers, and peers in the equipment finance industry. There are currently 704 active Certified Lease & Finance Professionals and Associates in the United States, Canada and Australia. For more information, visit